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Nordomatic combines iBMS integration with iBOS software to optimize property well-being and indoor performance while reducing carbon emissions and meeting environmental goals.

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Automating and Optimising properties through iBOS and iBMS

Our solutions help customers and end-users take control, increase and optimize property well-being, and improve indoor performance.

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Great solutions require a great working environment. Joining Nordomatic, you become part of a dedicated team that builds on trust, acts on challenges and drives development to contribute value to our future environment.

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We exist to accelerate an open and sustainable future.

Nordomatic is unwaveringly committed to shaping a smarter and more sustainable future for everyone. We are The Brain of The Building, and by combining our vast experience in system integration with visionary and smart software solutions, we help customers and end-users increase and optimize property well-being and indoor performance.

Our solutions are intelligent and proven to allow customers and end-users to increase and optimize well-being and performance – they deliver profitability plus valid data insight while decreasing energy consumption and running costs.

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cpu iBMS

Automating and Optimizing Existing and New Properties

iBMS, or Intelligent Building Management System, is a complete method to provide properties with state-of-the-art solutions that ensure that multiple systems work in harmony, contributing to more sustainable and streamlined operations for the indoor environment.

Nordomatic specializes in new constructions and refurbishments across various industries, offering user-friendly solutions for complex technical interfaces and environments. Our expertise extends from schools and hospitals to arenas, office buildings, and extensive research facilities.

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signal iBOS®

Connect Existing BMS to Open-Cloud and Remote Platforms with iBOS®

iBOS® is an intelligent Building Optimisation System that connects your local control systems to our cloud platform, enabling new levels of visibility & control across your portfolio and opening up access to exciting apps to deliver intelligent spaces.

This open-channel software allows users to remotely link and tailor new or existing BMS, units and systems to applications focusing on specific optimization needs.

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