Company culture

Our purpose​

We exist to accelerate an open and sustainable future​

We are here to accelerate the market change towards open technologies, climate sustainability and social sustainability.​


We are a global impact pioneer of Smart Buildings​

We are leading the transformation of the BMS market on a global scale, on the basis of 50 years of experience and expertise, supported by strong resources, but primarily based on a very strong organizational commitment to innovation and sustainability​.


We integrate technology, adding smartness to buildings​

We are an independent system integrator that grows people and partnerships in order to innovate better solutions to make buildings more energy-efficient, profitable and healthy​.

Our values

We build on TRUST​

We build long-term relationships with our employees, customers and partners.​

We are product-independent. As an innovative competitor in the BMS market, our customers can trust us to be provided with the best solution.

We take ACTION​

We look for and act on opportunities to develop and serve more customers better.​

As pioneers, we pick up challenges, discuss, decide and deliver.

We deliver VALUE​

We use our experience to deliver value in solutions, services and internal functions to offer a premium solution at a fair price. ​

We expand our expertise through innovation and cutting-edge technology.


Nordomatic is a decentralized, knowledge-based and growth-oriented company. We grow organically and via acquisitions.

One company – one culture
We aim at creating ‘one company – one culture’. How we behave towards each other and how we do business should always and everywhere be in line with our purpose, vision, mission and values, and policies.

Making a fast impact
Our decision-making is fast and close to the local business situation, and our leadership is focused on innovation and a ‘can-do’ attitude with a growth mindset.

Trusted relationships
We aim to develop long-lasting, trusting relationships with our customers to provide the best possible service and value.

Shaping a better future through collaboration
We use all our combined expertise to adapt our customers and their customers to an open and sustainable future.

Toke Juul portrait

Toke Juul, CEO