Our history

We have more than 50 years of experience of integrating open BMS technology solutions into buildings. Right from its inception, Nordomatic has been a pioneering and innovative company, together with many product and technology partners who share the same aim of accelerating an open and sustainable future.

1967: A concept develops

Nordomatic was founded in 1967 in Sweden by the engineer and entrepreneur Olle Nord.

Olle worked hard to find and promote solutions that were modern, efficient, independent and open. The idea was that a customer should be free to change provider if Nordomatic didn’t do a good enough job over time.

‘Open and independent’ means that Nordomatic does not lock a customer into a long-term relationship based on licences. Instead, we earn the long-term partnership, every day. Off-boarding could be as important as on-boarding for a customer.

Construction drawings
Two technicians with a laptop in Globen, Stockholm

2010-2020: Hypergrowth and internationalisation

In 2010, a growth plan was developed, which was supported by new, strong owners and a growth-oriented management team.

Nordomatic saw the opportunity to grow the business to other regions, opening up the market for more innovation. In the first five years, Nordomatic became established in several new metropolitan areas in Sweden.

In 2016 the acquisition of Dominus A/S became the platform for fast and profitable growth covering most of Denmark, and in 2017 the Norwegian journey started in Oslo, and later other metropolitan areas in Norway.

The company’s average annual growth during 2010-2020 was more than 20%.

Nordomatic today

Today, Nordomatic is the leading independent BMS system integrator in Scandinavia, with 20 offices and more than 900 skilled employees that serve the world’s largest and most demanding real estate owners.

Scandinavia is leading the digitalization of buildings, and Nordomatic aims to be the leading integrator, with global ambitions that will drive the innovation, change and transformation of the real estate market in the years to come.

UN City in Copenhagen