Nordomatic aims to achieve global impact leadership within Smart Buildings. We are pioneers, and we drive change in the industry on a global scale.

By ‘impact leadership’, we mean leading the way to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. As an IMPACT company, we do not just comply with regulations, but also systematically take steps towards increased environmental and social sustainability, and we wish to lead a similar transformation of the Smart Buildings market on a global scale.

Illustration showing 5 steps for Nordomatic becoming impact leader of smart buildings.

Five strategic initiatives

Nordomatic has developed five strategic initiatives that form the basis of our Value Creation Plan 2025.

Every individual contributes to this plan, and the corporate journey will also translate into an individual growth and learning experience for every employee within the group.

1   Expand Service

Nordomatic will drive growth in this area by:

  • Developing new service concepts
  • Preventive actions
  • Service contracts
  • Service excellence centres, and
  • Attractive upgrade and modernization offerings.

Properties need to be upgraded and maintained in a more professional way to improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality for lower cost and reduced carbon emissions, as well as greater comfort.

2   Integration Project 2.0

Nordomatic is one of very few players who can price and manage really large and complicated integration projects, e.g. in hospitals, sport arenas, large commercial properties, museums, etc.

The initiative aims at reducing risk and improving customer quality and value in such large projects.

3   Smart Cloud

Nordomatic is at the cutting edge in advanced digital services, and has offered Cloud-based BMS services for many years.

Many property owners now wish to take advantage of the new technologies and applications, and Nordomatic is developing an industry-leading, open platform for interconnected smart assets in the buildings.

iPad app outside, controlling multiple building systems
Employees working in front of computer

4   Operational Excellence

Nordomatic is growing at a phenomenal pace: the group recruits new employees every week and acquires a new company every quarter.

Our ability to work efficiently and continuously improve our operations requires constant monitoring and improvement of the work procedures, methods and systems that we use.

Nordomatic Academy is an important part of this initiative, aimed at improving the training of all employees.

5   Acquisitions

Nordomatic operates in the most advanced Smart Building market in the world, Scandinavia, and we would like to bring this knowledge to new markets.

Nordomatic will continue to strengthen its position in Scandinavia with more acquisitions, and in the years to come we will also establish ourselves in new markets.

Olov Schagerlund and Toke Kjær Juul in front of Globen, Stockholm