What We Do

Change Today, Impact Tomorrow

By combining our vast experience in iBMS integration with visionary and smart software solutions, Nordomatic is the global impact pioneer spearheading the necessary change, digitalizing the BMS industry.

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Why choose Nordomatic:


Impact for tomorrow

We drive the change by being open to new ideas, opinions and opportunities if they aim to serve our customers, people and planet better than yesterday.

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Working aligned United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Nordomatic operates with sustainability at heart and is aligned with seven sustainability development goals.

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A holistic approach to enhancing property performance and indoor well-being.

Through iBMS Integration and iBMS Upgrade, Service, and iBOS Software, we ensure systems are optimized, perform efficiently, and deliver long-term value for occupants, facility managers, and the environment.

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Product Independent

Nordomatic is objective and committed to providing iBMS solutions aligned with your long-term goals.

Building Management System Integration with Smart Software Solutions

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Automating and Optimizing the Brain of The Building

iBMS Integration and iBMS Upgrade presents opportunities for connecting existing systems to iBOS software solutions, ensuring a cohesive and smart infrastructure and providing enhanced user-friendly energy optimization, security, and total control of the facilities under your portfolio.

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Connect Smart Systems to Open Cloud and Remote Platforms with iBOS®

iBOS® is the user-friendly and secure access software for scaling Existing Building Management Systems to smart eco-systems.

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