Our work culture

What we do in Nordomatic is to integrate technology and add smartness to buildings. How we do it is characterized by our values.

We build on TRUST and long-term relationships.

We take ACTION on both opportunities and challenges.

We deliver VALUE by using our experience and our expertise.

Two employees in front of computer

Each of us is skilled in what we do. However, the complexity of the solutions and services we offer requires us to collaborate internally, while the many functionalities of the solutions and services we offer require us to collaborate with our customers, designing the best possible solution on the basis of an in-depth understanding of their needs.

In this way, we maximize the effect and value of the BMS technology. And we continue to do so by sharing best practices and developing new practices through innovation.

Taking action and delivering value

Our ambition is always to deliver value, and we do so by taking action in a collaborative way – which is possible because trust is the firm ground on which we build our relations.