Field Service Engineer
Stockholm, Sweden

There is a good working climate and pleasant atmosphere here at Nordomatic.

You work as a Field Service Engineer! What is it like working at Nordomatic?

There is a good working climate and pleasant atmosphere here at Nordomatic. As we are often alone and working with customers, collaboration is very important within and between our internal groupings. If I run into a problem, there are always helpful colleagues with long experience with whom I can discuss solutions, or alternatively ask for advice. Then we can find a solution together.

What skills are required when working in service?

To work in service engineering, you must be willing to get your fingers dirty. You also have to be willing to work closely with customers, solve issues, and really be on-site with the screwdriver. The job requires you to be inventive, responsive and to like facing various challenges.

Tell us about an exciting project you’ve worked on!

Once I had a really large project, and that was to install alarms from a pump group into a parent-integrated system.

Usually, there is a parent Citect where these alarm tags are already installed. But for this client, these tags were missing. What I needed to do in order to solve this was to build a new control box. In addition to that, I also had to rebuild the existing appliance cabinet that connected to the new control box, as well as add new units so that the alarms would function according to the client’s requirements.

The most exciting part about this project was its required number of steps. I got to program, build on location, and ensure that the alarms signalled to the right place. It required me to be versatile in my way of thinking, and apply my full knowledge of electrical installations.

What would you recommend to people who are thinking of applying to Nordomatic?

Nordomatic is a large company. And within the company, there are also many different areas to explore.

You can try different areas depending on whether you like to work in an office or on-site with customers. If you prefer an office space, then I would suggest that you should try programming. And if you prefer to work more hands-on, then service would be a great fit.

At Nordomatic, you do not have to change jobs in order to try something new. If something doesn’t feel right, you can always try another department in the company. If you like challenges and problem-solving, then service is a good place to be.