Technician on ladder in installation room


Automation technician
Nordomatic Borås, Sweden

“I’m motivated by equipping a building with good, energy-efficient features.”

Why did you apply for a job at Nordomatic?

I came to Nordomatic in 2010. I’ve always been interested in technology and saw opportunities for development in the industry. Building automation sounded new and exciting.

What do you work with at Nordomatic?

My role is as an automation technician, which is a flexible job, so the working weeks vary. I rectify faults in facilities, as reported by the customer. I place new plants in service and look at new jobs with existing customers. I am an account manager for several of our customers in our aftermarket.

As I have extensive experience, I can also assist project managers to co-ordinate functional testing and inspections. I also project manage some of our upgrade projects.

Technician sitting with computer in the back of car
Why is what you work with at Nordomatic exciting?

It’s a very varied and flexible job. I’m motivated by equipping a building with good, energy-efficient features. A satisfied customer and a facility with good features makes for a good day.

What is it like to work at Nordomatic?

You have a lot of freedom with responsibility. Lots of pleasant colleagues and a good working environment. And then we have good job security through our collective agreement that Nordomatic has spiced up with some extra benefits.

What kind of development opportunities do you see in your work at Nordomatic?

If you want to enhance your skills, either as a specialist or by changing roles, then it’s possible to do that at Nordomatic. There’s nothing stopping you from learning more through internal or external training. And when it comes to technical development there are no limits, as Nordomatic is at the cutting edge in building automation.

Technician in installation room