Project cases|DOKK1 – Aarhus, Denmark
Integration Project

DOKK1 – Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus Main Library
40,000 m2
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DOKK1 is home to the Aarhus Main Library, the municipal public services department, theater spaces, businesses, and a substantial automated underground parking facility. It has four floors and contains 40,000 m2. The facility has been constructed and designed with a strong emphasis on low energy consumption and sustainability.

Nordomatic was selected as the supplier due to our ability to meet the customer’s specific requirements. The customer needed a supplier capable of handling various systems, including BMS, IBI (including lighting), control of cooling plants, HVAC, and access control to the building (the latter being handled by a subcontractor to Nordomatic). Nordomatic delivered a comprehensive solution for this project using Honeywell technology to control all the mentioned systems.

The project was finalized in 2015. The building represents a state-of-the-art facility for controlling and integrating systems for a public building. Since then, Nordomatic has continued to provide maintenance services, and in the latest project, we are updating the SCADA platform to ensure continued efficiency and effectiveness.

Overall, the project’s outcome has been remarkable, showcasing significant advancements in energy management and system integration for public infrastructure.