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Naturalis inside
Naturalis inside
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Naturalis – Leiden, Netherlands

Naturalis Biodiversity Center
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The Natural History Museum, Naturalis, underwent a significant renovation, during which all buildings were refurbished, and a brand-new museum building was constructed. The renovation was completed in August 2019, and the museum reopened to the public. Now, all parts of the institute are housed under one roof. Nordomatic Tilburg (formerly Y-con) provided the installations for the new building.

About Naturalis

Naturalis is the Dutch Center for Biodiversity, founded in 1820. The museum features various fascinating exhibitions, including a face-to-face encounter with a T-Rex. The merging of different collections, the increase in researchers, and rising visitor numbers created a need for expanded facilities, prompting a major renovation.

An Entirely New Design

Architectural firm NRA designed a new concept for Naturalis. The old museum was renovated and repurposed as offices and additional storage for collections. Additionally, the building was expanded with a new section that includes modern laboratories, various catering facilities, a museum store, nine new galleries, and a large atrium. Each facility serves a unique function, enhancing the museum’s overall experience.

A Well-Integrated Building Management System

The diverse purposes of the new and renovated spaces required a well-integrated building management system. Nordomatic (formerly Y-con) collaborated with Saia Burgess Controls to install all necessary systems. The result is a comfortable, safe, and healthy indoor climate for all visitors to Naturalis. The building management system allows the climate in each room to be individually adjusted and adapted to changing needs. A BaOpt climate system has been implemented in the museum, depots, laboratories, and offices. To ensure sustainability and future-proof, the building features its own thermal storage system, sustainable ventilation, solar panels, and 100% LED lighting.


Project details:

Building: Research Institute and Natural History Museum

Owner: Naturalis Biodiversity Center

DDC/GBS: Saia Burgess Controls

Project year: 2019