Nordomatic's Sustainability Focus

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Change Today. Impact Tomorrow

We depend on access to green financing to accomplish our growth journey. Together, we work continually to accelerate an open and sustainable future.

Achieving an open and sustainable future requires a collective ambition to accelerate technology, climate, and social sustainability. We credit our success to our skilled team of employees, energy-efficient alternatives, and innovative technology.

We are proud of our commitment to lessening the carbon footprint. In 2023, more than 197,000 tons of CO2 emissions could be avoided because of our services. Over 1000 buildings use iBOS energy – the advanced, AI-powered energy optimization service. We aim to become an effective leader and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable future by creating energy-efficient alternatives that meet our customers’ needs.

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Nordomatic’s Solution

As almost 75% of the building stock is energy inefficient, intelligent BMS systems can make a significant positive impact. Nordomatic’s impact performance is interlinked with the value creation agenda, and by growing and improving its products and services, Nordomatic will accelerate its impact contribution.

Learn more about our progress and results in our Sustainability Report!

Sustainaibility Report 2023