Nordomatic acquires the assets of the Belgian company VAM Technics Europe NV

January 25, 2024. Nordomatic is committed to driving market transformation towards open technologies and a sustainable future, proudly announces its latest strategic move. The acquisition of VAM Technics Europe, a Belgian company specializing in Building Management Systems (BMS) services, marks a significant milestone in Nordomatic’s growth journey. The acquisition is a key element of Nordomatic’s … Læs Mere

Nordomatic Welcomes Anna Strandberg as the New Country Director for Sweden

During the autumn season, Nordomatic welcomed Anna Strandberg as the new Country Director for Sweden. Anna entered the position on January 1st of 2024, following Ola Reppling, who has served as Interim Country Director since June 2023. Ola Reppling will resume his regular role as Chief Operating Officer. Anna Strandberg joined Nordomatic from Addici, a … Læs Mere

Nordomatic’s Role in Förbifart Stockholm: A Groundbreaking BMS Integration Project

Being a part of Nordomatic’s team empowers you to point at notable landmarks confidently and say, “I have been involved with this.” Nordomatic is proud to collaborate with Assemblin Ventilation and Trafikverket to ensure sustainability and safety for the climate and energy consumption for the monumental highway and tunnel system, E4 Förbifart Stockholm. E4 Förbifart … Læs Mere

Unlocking Client-Centric Innovation – Nordomatic’s approach to enhancing BMS Accessibility

Client customisation is an interesting aspect of the technology and Building Management Systems (BMS) industry. At Nordomatic, we are proud to say that we work aligned with our customers. However, by working aligned, it is also crucial to explore how we can enhance the front-end accessibility to each system in our diverse portfolio. In this … Læs Mere

Utilising the office space to its fullest potential – Areims data-driven optimisation approach with Spica Insight

Have you ever wondered why only three people sometimes sit in a giant meeting room by themselves? As the future workspace evolves and the hybrid working model becomes more common than ever, it could be challenging for many property owners to know exactly how to optimise the joint workspaces and meeting rooms to provide a … Læs Mere

Nordomatic Expands Operations in the UK and the Netherlands with the Acquisition of Pillinger Controls and MRC innovatief klimaatbeheer

Nordomatic, the leading automation and Building Management system provider, announces the successful acquisition of two prominent companies; Pillinger Controls in England and MRC innovatief klimaatbeheer in the Netherlands. These strategic acquisitions mark an important milestone in Nordomatic’s growth strategy and reinforce its position as a key European player in the field of Building Management Systems. … Læs Mere

Let us be clear! – Ola Reppling on Driving Growth through Strategic Collaborations

From a perspective focused on facilitating company growth, one could argue that collaboration is akin to the oil that ensures the smooth operation of the machinery. At Nordomatic, we are shaping a better future through collaboration. Together with our customers, we use our combined expertise to adapt and find solutions that meet the requirements for … Læs Mere

Riksbyggen teams up with Nordomatic to optimise energy usage through AI and Styrportalen

The goal of reducing carbon emissions by 50% per square meter before 2030 is a challenging task for many property owners. However, for Riksbyggen, this goal has become more achievable thanks to a close partnership with Nordomatic, the integration of Styrportalen® and the optimisation of their own AI. Riksbyggen is a company owned by building … Læs Mere

Unlock Your Potential with Nordomatic Academy: Chart Your Path to Success in the Field of Tech & BMS

There is a vast difference between a job and a career. At Nordomatic, we invest in our personnel growth and personal development with our internal education program, Nordomatic Academy. Nordomatic Academy is a widespread education program that combines physical and remote training. We provide our personnel with the necessary skills to navigate the challenges and … Læs Mere

Together, we can invest in our planet!

Energy efficiency optimisation using modern technology is an excellent way for property owners to save costs and reduce their carbon footprint. In 2022, Nordomatic’s core business streams directly contributed to 130,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions being avoided by our customers. This is due to our growth and successful expansion of our service- and smart cloud … Læs Mere