Unlock Your Potential with Nordomatic Academy: Chart Your Path to Success in the Field of Tech & BMS

There is a vast difference between a job and a career. At Nordomatic, we invest in our personnel growth and personal development with our internal education program, Nordomatic Academy.

Nordomatic Academy is a widespread education program that combines physical and remote training. We provide our personnel with the necessary skills to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities in the Tech & BMS industry. Our academy offers courses, including BMS Basics, Sales, Project Management, Financial Planning for Projects, various technical courses, and Construction Law. Each participant receives a carefully curated course tailored to The Nordomatic Way, incorporating invaluable insights from our highly skilled experts. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned professional, Nordomatic Academy guarantees the perfect course aligned with your future career aspirations.

We talked to the initiators of the academy, Robert Rennel and Inge Fruensgaard, to gain insights into how attending these courses can accelerate success and how internal development can foster growth.

What is the story behind the Nordomatic Academy initiative?

The Nordomatic Academy initiative was born out of the desire to provide additional resources for our personnel who aim to accelerate their careers, both internally and in the field of BMS. We launched the initiative in Denmark in 2021, offering project management, programming, and onboarding courses. Over time, the course portfolio has significantly improved, and our internal experts have gone the extra mile to learn from one another, creating truly valuable courses tailored to our student’s growth aspirations.– Robert Rennel

What value does Nordomatic Academy hold for you as one of the initiators?

I believe it is crucial for individuals to grow and gain confidence as they apply their newfound knowledge. The essence of Nordomatic Academy lies in our ability to learn from one another. The academy offers immense value for newcomers in our field, allowing them to feel more comfortable and confident as they gather insights from the experiences of other industry experts. – Robert Rennel

Nordomatic Academy is not only an excellent resource for newcomers in the Tech & BMS field, but it is also highly valuable for those who wish to transition within the realm of BMS:

Inge Fruensgaard, HR Business Partner and one of the initiators of Nordomatic Academy in Denmark, has experienced several milestones in focusing on internal training courses for new and seasoned employees.

What would you say is the best part about Nordomatic Academy?

I would say that Nordomatic Academy is a physical example where we, as a company, show our employees that we take their development seriously. I like that we use our inhouse-experience and educate our employees in specific technical areas. – Inge Fruensgaard

How have our long-term employees received the course offer?

Very well! One tends to grow into their habits when working for many years within a particular field. We have employees that have been a part of Nordomatic for a more extended set of time, and as they attend formal training, they discover new methods in their ways of working. The courses have also been great for the ones who haven’t had formal training before. Nordomatic Academy has been a win-win for everyone. – Inge Fruensgaard

Whether you are learning from home or onsite, Nordomatic Academy provides courses and learning opportunities for everyone to excel in a path targeted towards an innovative career within tech and BMS.

From the perspective of Nordomatic as a company, is Nordomatic Academy a current focus area or a long-term investment?

Internal courses are here to stay, and continuous development should always be at the core of every company. Gaining insights from Nordomatic Academy is essential for every employee within our organisation. – Robert Rennel

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