Nordomatic Sustainability Report 2021

Sustainability is not only for politicians and activists – A word from our CEO

Sustainability is not only discussed by politicians and activists, in the last year it has become a truly important agenda topic for the international capital market and hence the corporate world. Nordomatic is in a privileged position of two important reasons; First, our majority shareholder Trill Impact is the leading impact investor in the Nordics and provides us with valuable insights and demanding yet positive push for change. Second, Nordomatic’s core business is contributing to sustainability in a very tangible way – the more business we do, the more CO2 emissions are avoided by our customers!

During 2021 our efforts within sustainability intensified, and sustainability is now a fully integrated part of our strategy “European Impact Leader 2025”. In Europe, buildings consume 40%
of the total energy demand, and by automating and optimising how heating, cooling, and ventilation are managed, Nordomatic can reduce energy needed by more than 25%. The savings

are continuing to be significant. In 2021 alone, approximately 83,000 tonnes of CO2 have been avoided thanks to the work of Nordomatic. This equals an improvement from last year of more than 14,000 tonnes and is a result of the fact that the more business we do, the better for the planet! We are also the main sponsors of EnergyAid in 2021, and has supported a solar panel project for a hospital in Borneo.

In 2020, we set ambitious, measurable targets on operational KPIs linked to our prioritised initiatives to improve all aspects of sustainability. I am proud that we managed to exceed our internal targets for 2021 in all areas except one – which inspire us to work even harder and we have a plan to exceed the 2025 targets set out in this report!

In 2021 we have, thanks to the possibility to track our sustainability progress, joined the international NGO CDP’s Private Market’s disclosure pilot project, which collects data from 1,000 companies to disclose environmental data. The project is the only one in the world to gather this type of corporate climate change data and provide it to the marketplace – resulting in increased investments in companies working with sustainability.

I hope that you find the reading of this report interesting and inspiring. I know that our investors like it, that our customers value it, and I sincerely hope that it brings meaning and purpose to all our employees who perform important, value-creating work every day, for our customers and for the planet!

OLOV SCHAGERLUND, President & CEO, Nordomatic

About the sustainability report

This Sustainability Report has been prepared in accordance with Swedish legislation on sustainability reporting, as stated in the Swedish Annual Accounts Act (6 kap 10 –14 §§ ÅRL). The Sustainability Report aims to present Nordomatic’s sustainability performance, risk management and value creation, and demonstrates the link between our strategy and the company’s commitment to a sustainable global economy.