News|Nordomatic Expands Operations in the UK and the Netherlands with the Acquisition of Pillinger Controls and MRC innovatief klimaatbeheer

Nordomatic Expands Operations in the UK and the Netherlands with the Acquisition of Pillinger Controls and MRC innovatief klimaatbeheer

Nordomatic, the leading automation and Building Management system provider, announces the successful acquisition of two prominent companies: Pillinger Controls in England and MRC Innovatief Klimaatbeheer in the Netherlands. These strategic acquisitions mark an important milestone in Nordomatic’s growth strategy and reinforce its position as a key European player in the field of Building Management Systems.

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juli 14, 2023
Tove Ljung, Marketing & Communications Partner

Pillinger Controls, a well-established company with 20 years of experience, is based in the southwest of London and primarily operates in the southeast region. With a workforce of 57 employees and an impressive annual turnover of £5 million, Pillinger Controls has earned a strong reputation for its maintenance services. The company boasts a high-profile client base in the education and pharmacy sectors, making it an ideal addition to Nordomatic’s portfolio.

Dave Connell, Country Director England at Nordomatic, emphasises the strategic rationale behind these acquisitions:

“This acquisition brings several unique strengths and assets to Nordomatic. Pillinger Controls’ established long-term relationships with clients and their focus on growth align perfectly with Nordomatic’s outlook. By combining forces, Nordomatic will gain visibility as a pioneer in the industry and leverage shared resources to drive profits.” – Dave Connell, Country Director England.

Furthermore, Nordomatic has expanded its presence in the Netherlands by acquiring the company MRC. This strategic move will help Nordomatic increase its footprint in Europe and tap into the Dutch market’s vast potential. MRC’s extensive industry experience spanning 25 years, along with its robust client database and expertise in various BMS systems and controls, will play a pivotal role in how we grow our business.

Reflecting on the partnership between MRC and Nordomatic, Lyon van Hest, Country Director Benelux at Nordomatic, says:

“As another independent system provider, MRC greatly emphasises maintaining high-quality standards. I am thrilled about this partnership and the opportunities it will bring to Nordomatic. Acquiring MRC allows us to leverage expertise, systems, and portfolio. This acquisition aligns perfectly with the targets for Nordomatic’s expansion in the Benelux region. We will drive innovation, provide long-term sustainable value to our clients and solidify our position as industry leaders.” – Lyon van Hest, Country Director Benelux.

The geographical locations of Pillinger Controls and MRC align seamlessly with Nordomatic’s strategy, allowing the company to expand its reach in London and the Netherlands. This expansion will create opportunities for increased projects and synergies and enable Nordomatic to explore new business ventures and Building Management Systems.

Nordomatic’s CEO, Toke Juul, has high hopes for the company’s upcoming strategic initiatives:

“Nordomatic’s purpose is to accelerate the market change toward open technologies, climate sustainability, and social sustainability to create a sustainable future. These new acquisitions show exactly our strong commitment to act according to our purpose and will benefit all stakeholders involved. We are continuously strengthening our distinctive BMS and software skills, global reach and impact – and especially our people and culture- so that we have the strongest possible platform to lean upon. Both Pillinger Controls and MRC fits perfectly into this perspective. Nordomatic remains dedicated to maintaining its high standards of excellence while continuously seeking opportunities for growth and expansion. ” – Toke Juul, CEO of Nordomatic.