News|Riksbyggen teams up with Nordomatic to optimise energy usage through AI and Styrportalen

Riksbyggen teams up with Nordomatic to optimise energy usage through AI and Styrportalen

The goal of reducing carbon emissions by 50% per square meter before 2030 is a challenging task for many property owners. However, for Riksbyggen, this goal has become more achievable thanks to a close partnership with Nordomatic, the integration of Styrportalen® and the optimisation of their own AI.

juni 8, 2023
Tove Ljung, Marketing & Communications Partner

Riksbyggen is a company owned by building unions, housing associations (local housing associations) and other national cooperative associations. The aim is to establish housing associations and contribute to fulfilling other aims related to housing and cooperation, as formulated by the owners. Since 2016, Nordomatic has been working with Riksbyggen to integrate the smart cloud service, Styrportalen®, into Riksbyggen’s 330 facilities (customer) connected by Styrportalen across Sweden. Riksbyggen has a total of approximately 4000 customers who purchase our services.

Styrportalen® is a factory-independent system that allows Riksbyggen to monitor and analyse energy data and optimise the consumption of all installed units in every housing association. By integrating their own AI system, Värmeoptimering 24/7, Riksbyggen can leverage the data to balance energy usage across their facilities and significantly reduce resource consumption.

We talked with Riksbyggens Business Developer Göran Danling about the partnership between Riksbyggen and Nordomatic and using AI to optimise Riksbyggens facilities.

What benefits do you see with SaaS and monitoring processes via Smart Cloud?

I would say that the accessibility of Styrportalen has been vital! Considering that we do not own our properties, we must convince our customers of the benefits they would experience from the new technology we implement. We needed a system that could transfer data from various DUC:s and PLCs, and our previous systems didn’t meet our requirements. Once we got in touch with Nordomatic, we saw how Styrportalen truly met our needs. Today, we can enhance our operational efficiency by centrally managing and monitoring property systems from Ystad to Umeå. – Göran Danling


Remote access was the most considerable advantage we saw at the beginning of our collaboration. But over time, we have also wanted to standardise and rectify the naming of all the different sensors in our housing associations so that we can structure and make even better adjustments in the future. – Göran Danling

Riksbyggen’s goal is to implement Styrportalen® in every housing association in their portfolio. They are also using their own AI solution, Värmeoptimering 24/7, that uses weather data and overall energy consumption in a building as an advantage to save and reuse energy usage.

In Värmeoptimering 24/7, the AI system gathers information on weather conditions, air quality, indoor temperature, and occupancy to optimise energy usage and maximise the utilisation of surplus energy. This system proves incredibly efficient in the transitional seasons of spring and autumn, where cold nights and daylight hours provide an opportunity for significant energy savings. For instance, during March, April, and May, we can achieve energy consumption reductions of up to 30-40%. – Göran Danling

How has Styrportalen helped you in your strategy to optimise the energy consumption in your facilities?

Given that we had Styrportalen in place and an internally prioritised structure in our systems, we could quickly balance and optimise energy consumption even further. It was easy to integrate our product into Styrportalen, and, together with Nordomatic, we could work towards increased volume and offer Styrportalen to all our customers. – Göran Danling

Nordomatic exists to accelerate an open and sustainable future. We have over 50 years of experience integrating available BMS technology solutions into buildings.

For Nordomatic, energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint are essential. Is it something that Riksbyggen also measures and follows up on? What are your goals?

Our most important focus is energy management. We want to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 50% per square meter by 2030. It is a high goal, but possible. The vital step is having the correct data input, the proper technology, expertise, and long-term thinking. You can achieve a lot in 5 years if you continuously prioritise this in your daily operations.– Göran Danling

What would you say has been the largest value Riksbyggen has gained from collaborating with Nordomatic?

We have received more than we expected. Nordomatic has muscles, and considering your size and history, we can see that you will also exist tomorrow. Nordomatic has been around for a long, proving that what you do works. Now that we have more structure and order in our data, we can control and deliver better customer service. We have helped each other to reach success. – Göran Danling

What value do you see Styrportalen will contribute to Riksbyggen in the long term?

As a partner, you keep an eye on new solutions that are coming around the corner. By implementing Styrportalen, you can help us develop our services even further. We can optimise the energy even more significantly as we encounter more complex operations. It’s nice to have a stable partner who helps us evolve. – Göran Danling

Nordomatic is an independent system integrator that prioritizes trust and long-term relationships. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver sustainable value through our efforts to enhance buildings’ energy efficiency. By aligning closely with our clients, we can meet unique requirements and provide sustainable value as we add smartness to buildings.