Employee stories|Filip, Service Technician in Herning

Filip, Service Technician in Herning

miner Service Technician
world Denmark
Service Technician
10 years
Customer contact and action-driven dialogue
Open Positions

Why did you choose to apply for a job at Nordomatic?

I applied to Nordomatic because I was seeking more technically challenging tasks than what I would typically encounter as a “regular” electrician. Having completed installer training, I needed to determine my career path. I ultimately decided on BMS (Building Management Systems), an area rich with technology and professional challenges. Additionally, it’s important to me that our work reduces energy consumption and contributes positively to the environment.

What is a typical working week like at Nordomatic?

As a service technician at Nordomatic, my workweek is incredibly diverse, encompassing both planned and urgent tasks. A typical week may include fulfilling service agreements, conducting maintenance and optimizations, troubleshooting issues, and even installing new CTS systems. My role requires collaboration with both external partners and colleagues within the company.

What makes your job exciting?

I find excitement in the variety of tasks I’m entrusted with, each demanding continuous growth and immersion. Working as a service technician also means a great deal of customer interaction and dialogue, which I personally find engaging.

What is the work environment like at Nordomatic?

The workday at Nordomatic is fast-paced, involving interactions with a diverse array of customers and tasks. I appreciate the autonomy paired with responsibility, the supportive colleagues, and the valuable opportunities for collaboration and growth. Additionally, I have a significant degree of control over planning my own work week.

What opportunities for professional development do you see in your role?

There are abundant opportunities for growth in both technical and mechanical domains, as well as the chance to explore other positions within the company. The CTS industry is rapidly evolving, providing ample room for personal and professional advancement.

"Finding solutions to intricate technical challenges while contributing to a sustainable future is what fuels my drive at Nordomatic. I believe in the power of innovation to transform the way we operate the properties for tomorrow. "

What is it like working at Nordomatic?

IIt’s a busy working day, with contact with many different customers and tasks. I value the freedom under responsibility, as well as my colleagues, and the sparring that is possible. I also largely plan my working week myself.

What kind of development opportunities do you see in your work?

There are many opportunities to develop in the technical as well as the mechanical area, but there is also the opportunity to try your hand at other positions. The CTS industry is one that is in rapid development.


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