An optimal indoor climate and a good environmental choice.

Brilliant energy building automation is about a holistic approach which takes into account the indoor climate, energy costs, and not least lower environmental impact.

Leading in Europe

We are one of the leading companies in Europe in terms of brilliant energy building automation. By combining an optimal indoor climate with significantly lower costs and a long-term sustainable society, we create a unique offer. What distinguishes us primarily is our collective skills and our commitment to both building automation and energy approach in properties.

All parameters play a role

Brilliant energy building automation is based on us utilising all the surplus energy which is generated in a building, but often not taken care of. The solution also takes into account the property’s carcass, as a result of which each property has a unique thermal inertia and is therefore controlled optimally based on these specific conditions. It has been referred to as ‘eco-driving for properties.

“Properties account for 40 per cent of Europe’s carbon dioxide emissions. In accordance with the EU’s objective, greenhouse gas emissions should be reduced by 20 per cent by 2020 and 50 per cent by 2050.”

Cost-efficient solutions

Our aim and driving force is to simplify things for you. Therefore we offer the most energy-efficient and easy-to-use control and management solutions in the market. Long-standing experience has taught us that our customers consider the environment, lifecycle costs and payoff duration more than installation costs. Quite simply because it is the most cost-efficient method.