Our Energy and climate agreement

The agreement entails that we follow a structured programme which optimises the effect of the installation we have conducted. We will together analyse results and identify and conduct further improvement measures over a number of meetings.

Optimisation is included after Ecopilot installation

After we have installed Ecopilot, optimisation and training of operating staff is always included. This takes place regardless of whether you choose to sign an energy and climate agreement. The energy and climate agreement targets property owners who want to progress significantly in their energy work and this takes place through a personal collaboration with our skilful energy engineers.

Personal energy engineer

If you choose to sign our Energy and climate agreement, a personal energy engineer will be linked to your property. During your regular meetings you can discuss improvement suggestions and you can receive help with implementing these suggestions.

“A personal energy engineer will always be included when you sign our Energy and climate agreement

Receive improvement suggestions

During the agreement period, we work based on a structured programme which aims for us together, by using the system’s tools, to identify and conduct further improvement measures. The programme is based on us having four meetings per year and that we work actively in between these meetings.