Nordomatic as a partner in the future

For us, the journey has just begun. Our vision “innovative energy skills for the future” always drives us to continuously come up with better energy solutions for our customers’ properties.

Minimise energy consumption

Our close collaboration with our customers, and with companies which have energy streamlining of properties as a business concept, allows us to deliver the most energy efficient and at the same time easy-to-use solutions in the market. Our energy specialists help customers to minimise their properties’ energy consumption and at the same time improve the indoor climate of tenants.

Smart analysis tools

Our analysis tools allow detection of system faults which would otherwise remain undetected. They always provide suggestions for how we can rectify these system faults. Examples of system faults include architectonic faults, incorrect air quantities and imbalance in ventilation, heating and cooling systems with incorrect flows and temperatures.

“Our analysis tools allow detection of system faults which would otherwise remain undetected”

Increased skills

As our energy specialists are always in contact with different types of properties and system solutions, their reference bank is constantly developing. These skills are used by an increasing number of customers for both new production and renovation of properties.

Appoint our energy specialists

If you require an energy specialist, please feel free to contact us. We perform many different types of assignments on a daily basis. You can suborder our specialists in the following manner:
· On current account per hour
· Fixed price for pre-determined assignment
· On assignment over a long duration
· By signing an energy and climate agreement if you have purchased Ecopilot from us