We invest in you.

It is important for us to have proud employees. Both for the products and services which we offer, but also for the way in which we view the development and career opportunities of our employees.

Proud employees

There is a sense of pride within the company. We often meet employees who express this, not least in terms of the positive environmental impact which we offer indirectly. Reduced emissions and saved resources are a direct consequence of all the work we conduct. We also value the human aspects, therefore we have great respect for a well-functioning private and family life. Our employees are our most important asset.

Growing within the company

Our strong confidence in individuals and their willingness to learn and develop is our opportunity to create long-term value for our customers. Therefore we offer everyone the opportunity of further education, regardless of where you are in the company. It may entail internal or external training, all linked to an individual development plan, completely customised based on your objectives and aims. And you can pursue this at the rate which suits you.

Vast career opportunities

For those who want to pursue a career with us, the opportunities are endless. You do not need to move to another company to fulfil your dreams and aims, we offer you what is required for you to be able to take the next step. Our skills development system, developed in-house, makes it easy to see which skills are required to reach another position.


We regularly need to bring in new, ambitious employees with high aims. Our vacancies are always prioritised here, therefore you should check our website as often as you can. You can also submit a notice of interest and then we will have it in our records and can access it when necessary.

Fill in your details here so that we can access them next time there is an interesting job offer.