The value of a strong partnership – How AMF Fastigheter and Nordomatic create energy-efficient buildings 

What entails a great partnership? Nordomatic is proud to offer Building Management Systems (BMS) and Smart Building Services that reduce carbon emissions, cut costs and improve employee well-being. However, we are even more proud of our long-term partnerships.  

Driven by establishing sustainable and dynamic urban spaces, AMF Fastigheter is one of Sweden’s largest real estate companies, which is impressive given its focus only on the greater Stockholm area. Together with tenants, municipalities, neighbours, and partners, AMF Fastigheter creates places where people want to be.​

For more than ten years, Nordomatic has provided various BMS and smart building solutions to AMF Fastigheter. We talked to AMF Fastigheter’s energy coordinator, Christer Forsblad, about our partnership, energy efficiency, and the reduced climate footprint AMF Fastigheter has achieved using Nordomatics SaaS and Cloud Services. 

What have been the benefits for AMF Fastigheter in choosing Nordomatic as a service provider? 

AMF Fastigheter is not just simply interested in great solutions. We value a strong partnership first. So far, Nordomatic has provided BMS to almost 50% of our properties. We have had an open dialogue, and today, we have developed and agreed on a full-service contract. I think the strength of our collaboration is that both parties want to implement sustainable solutions that are cohesive with our organization’s way of thinking.  

Through continuous collaboration and tight dialogue, Nordomatic has helped AMF Fastigheter find solutions to make their buildings’ energy efficient. Nordomatic is helping AMF Fastigheter with a complete 360 chain, including everything from energy-saving projects to monitoring the buildings’ well-being.   

Energy efficiency and a reduced climate footprint are essential aspects for Nordomatic. Is this something AMF Fastigheter measures and follows up upon?  

Definitely. We are continuously measuring our energy efficiency and our carbon emissions. In 2019, we committed to following the Science Based Targets. This means we are responsible for consistently implementing actual adjustments in our buildings. Reducing energy consumption affects everything. We must have zero emissions in Scopes 1 & 2 and reduce our emissions in Scope 3 by 67% by 2030.  

How are you working towards achieving your environmental goals? 

We do climate calculations for every upgrade project and always follow up on our climate footprints. We also have monthly meetings with our technicians, where we go through each aspect of the building to see what works and what could be improved. In 2022, AMF averaged 80 kWh per sqm for the whole year. In 2023, the target is to reach 77 kWh per sqm. This is impressive, considering that AMF Fastigheter is working with refurbishments and upgrades of already existing buildings.  

Nordomatic Smart Cloud and SaaS provide a wide range of opportunities for property owners to reduce energy consumption, improve indoor air quality and provide necessary data to certify buildings and operations according to LEED, BREEAM, and WELL.

What advantages do you see with SaaS and having automation services through a Smart Cloud system? 

I have had a lot of discussions with our IT team about us having a simple way to log in to our different systems. When Nordomatic launched Smart Cloud Spica Connect with the single sign-on (SSO) function, we saw the possibilities for easy and safe access to our properties. We can monitor the areas we need to improve through Spica Connect and Secure Edge Gateway. This helps us achieve our environmental goals.

Ecopilot® is an online service and software solution from Nordomatic that collects data from sensors in a building to measure outdoor temperature, indoor temperature, and occupancy. Based on the data, the software automatically controls the HVAC system to optimize energy consumption and indoor air quality. AMF Fastigheter was one of the first companies to implement Spica Energy Ecopilot(R) on a large scale.  

How much energy have you saved with Ecopilot®? 

We save somewhere around 12 – 16% for every installed Ecopilot®. However, there are buildings where the savings have been 30%. The great thing about Ecopilot® is that the smart software helps us identify inefficiencies and weaknesses we can immediately improve. It is very much appreciated for us to have technical solutions that quickly adapt to our way of working.  

What value has the partnership with Nordomatic provided AMF Fastigheter? 

Even though there is a contract for the foundation of our collaboration, there is still an interplay between both parties as the contract continues. We require a high standard and must work with a proactive partner who delivers on promises. There is a smooth collaboration with Nordomatic, and our requirements are continuously met for each project.   

I am happy with the service contract, but the open and frequent dialogue has created a trust-based collaboration. Both parties work hard to maintain this partnership and to create clarity regarding the requirements for Nordomatic to deliver fundamental values with the right technology solutions. Cooperation and trust become essential when working on large-scale projects. I would recommend Nordomatic as a strong BMS partner. 

– Christer Forsblad, Energy Coordinator at AMF Fastigheter

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Tove Ljung
Communication Coordinator at Nordomatic