Trill Impact joins Nordomatic as the new principal owner

Trill Impact is a growth-oriented, private equity company with a strong focus on sustainability. All investments have to be characterized by ‘impact’, which means that under the ownership of Trill Impact, the companies will become role models through measurable improvements within the UN’s global sustainability goals.

Samir Kamal,
Advisory Partner, Trill Impact
Johan Lundén,
Director, Trill Impact
Pia Irelli,
Impact Partner, Trill Impact

“The global sustainability goals are an integral part of our investment strategy, and Nordomatic fits extremely well with this. We already have a plan together with the management regarding goals and activities to achieve growth outside Scandinavia, and to work clearly and concretely in line with the UN’s sustainability goals, primarily in energy efficiency. Nordomatic is a well-positioned company in an exciting industry, and we want to accelerate investments in this segment together with Nordomatic.” says Samir Kamal and Johan Lundén at Trill Impact.

In 2016 the previous owner Adelis invested in Nordomatic together with the company management and other key people within Nordomatic. Since then, the company has tripled its turnover from SEK 290 million to SEK 880 million and become the largest independent integrator in building automation (“BMS”) in the Nordics. The strong growth is the result of a clear growth strategy focused on cloud-based BMS, energy optimization and related services. Nordomatic has also made a number of strategic acquisitions, including Dominus in Denmark and SD-Consult in Norway.

“We’re grateful for the support the company has received from the Adelis team, it has been a fantastic journey. We are also very pleased that Trill Impact is now coming in to support our ‘Strategy 2025’ with further international expansion, focus on the end customer market and the real sustainability benefit that we can contribute with. Together with Trill Impact, we will further develop the business with investments in skills development, systems and working methods, which will strengthen our international competitiveness. In close collaboration with our customers, concretizing and measuring energy efficiency and other sustainability goals is value-creating, meaningful and modern. We will be an ‘impact leader’ “, says Nordomatics’ CEO Olov Schagerlund and Toke Juul, Deputy CEO and Country Manager in Denmark.


Olov Schagerlund
CEO, Nordomatic

Toke Juul
Deputy CEO

Johan Lundén
Director, Trill Impact

Samir Kamal
Advisory Partner, Trill Impact

Pia Irell
Impact Partner, Trill Impact