Riksbyggen teams up with Nordomatic to optimise energy usage through AI and Styrportalen

The goal of reducing carbon emissions by 50% per square meter before 2030 is a challenging task for many property owners. However, for Riksbyggen, this goal has become more achievable thanks to a close partnership with Nordomatic, the integration of Styrportalen® and the optimisation of their own AI. Riksbyggen is a company owned by building … Les mer

Unlock Your Potential with Nordomatic Academy: Chart Your Path to Success in the Field of Tech & BMS

There is a vast difference between a job and a career. At Nordomatic, we invest in our personnel growth and personal development with our internal education program, Nordomatic Academy. Nordomatic Academy is a widespread education program that combines physical and remote training. We provide our personnel with the necessary skills to navigate the challenges and … Les mer

Together, we can invest in our planet!

Energy efficiency optimisation using modern technology is an excellent way for property owners to save costs and reduce their carbon footprint. In 2022, Nordomatic’s core business streams directly contributed to 130,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions being avoided by our customers. This is due to our growth and successful expansion of our service- and smart cloud … Les mer

Toke Kjær Juul has been appointed Nordomatic Group’s CEO

Toke Kjær Juul has been appointed Nordomatic Group’s CEO, effective June 1st, 2023. Nordomatic is Europe’s leading integrator of Smart Buildings, with sites and operations in six countries, serving customers in 26 countries. The technical solutions integrate and manage buildings’ indoor climate and energy consumption. Nordomatic aims to accelerate the market change towards open technologies, … Les mer

The value of a strong partnership – How AMF Fastigheter and Nordomatic create energy-efficient buildings 

What entails a great partnership? Nordomatic is proud to offer Building Management Systems (BMS) and Smart Building Services that reduce carbon emissions, cut costs and improve employee well-being. However, we are even more proud of our long-term partnerships.   Driven by establishing sustainable and dynamic urban spaces, AMF Fastigheter is one of Sweden’s largest real … Les mer

Joining Nordomatic: a way to kick-start your career within tech

You could choose many different paths in your future career within tech. Here at Nordomatic, you choose a career path in making buildings SMART and more environmentally sustainable for the future. Nordomatic trusts growth and long-term relationships. We believe growth is crucial when taking action on our industry’s various opportunities and challenges. Therefore, it is … Les mer

Nordomatic is investing millions in Nordomatic Academy

Nordomatic is investing in strategy and personal leadership courses to strengthen themselves in a competitive and complex market. The goal is to understand customer needs and to retain and attract employees. The leadership and strategy advisors at Shining Eyes have created the concept ‘One company, one culture to help Nordomatic reach that goal. Nordomatic is … Les mer

Nordomatic kjøper de resterende aksjene i Altacogni AB

Nordomatic, den ledende BMS-systemintegratoren i Skandinavia, Storbritannia og Benelux, kunngjorde i dag kjøpet av de resterende 40 % av aksjene i Altacogni AB. Investeringen gjør at Nordomatic kan fortsette å innovere på Altacognis ledende Smart Buildings IoT-plattform. Altacogni er en høyteknologisk oppstart opprettet av et erfarent utviklingsteam basert i Stockholm og med kunder over hele … Les mer

Demma Group Ltd går inn i Nordomatic Group, som fortsetter å vokse i Europa

Demma Group Ltd joins the Nordomatic Group
Den britiske systemintegratoren for bygningsautomasjon, Demma Group Limited, har i dag takket ja til å bli en del av Nordomatic Group, den ledende systemintegratoren for Smart Buildings i Skandinavia. Demma har hovedkvarter i Birmingham, med operasjoner og kontorer i London, Manchester og Glasgow. Demma ble grunnlagt av Gary Poulton i 1989, og i 1991 fikk ... Les mer

Nordomatic fortsetter europeisk ekspansjon med nytt oppkjøp i Benelux

STOCKHOLM, 12 mai – Nordomatic, den ledende uavhengige BMS-leverandøren i Norden, tar neste skritt i sin vellykkede europeiske ekspansjonsstrategi ved oppkjøpet av Y-con, en kvalitetsleverandør av BMS i Nederland som også har tilstedeværelse i Belgia. – Y-con er et flott selskap med en sterk installert kundebase. Dette oppkjøpet vil være et viktig bidrag for å ... Les mer