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Our program ensures the ideal training for your Tech & BMS career goals, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned expert.

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Nordomatic Academy offers widespread training, blending in-person and remote learning to equip individuals with fundamental Tech and BMS Industry skills. Our tailored courses cover BMS Basic, Sales, Project Management, Construction Law, and other relevant topics within our industry. All training is designed around the Nordomatic Way, enriched with insights from our expert teams – and the training offered is continuously updated based on the needs and the input from our organization.

Nordomatic Academy

“The essence of Nordomatic Academy lies in our ability to learn from one another. The Academy offers immense value for newcomers in our field, allowing them to feel more comfortable and confident as they gather insights from the experiences of other industry experts. Still, the Academy is also of great value for the employee who is already an expert but might need an update on certain topics.”


Inge Fruensgaard, Head of People and Culture & Founder of Nordomatic Academy

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