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Förbifart – Stockholm, Sweden

Assemblin Ventilation & Trafikverket
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Nordomatic’s Role in Förbifart Stockholm: A Groundbreaking BMS Integration Project

Nordomatic is proud to collaborate with Assemblin Ventilation and Trafikverket to ensure sustainability and safety for the climate and energy consumption for the monumental highway and tunnel system, E4 Förbifart Stockholm.

E4 Förbifart Stockholm plays a pivotal role in improving Stockholm’s accessibility. By linking the northern and southern parts of the city, this highway guarantees a more efficient commute for commuters and goods transportation. In this project, Nordomatic goes beyond traditional roles by incorporating state-of-the-art BMS into this ambitious infrastructure.

The project involves a tight collaboration with ventilation and tunnel experts to ensure the longevity of the comprehensive system, providing a smooth and safe environment for all commuters travelling through Stockholm.

Stig Ehrström, Project Manager, and Daniel Johansson, Senior Field Project Engineer, are two Nordomatic employees offering valuable insights into their roles in this transformative project. Daniel, who is responsible for programming the systems, highlights the importance of his role: “As a programmer, my responsibilities are crucial for ensuring the safety and functionality of the tunnel.” He emphasises the collaborative nature of his work, consulting with managers and conducting thorough investigations to ensure seamless ventilation system operations.

The Nordomatic integration aligns seamlessly with Trafikverket’s forward-looking vision for the future. Commenting on the journey with this project, Daniel says: “We are actively involved in creating specialised electrical control rooms dedicated to overseeing management and ventilationWe are also collaborating with a developer in Spain to create ventilation fans that meet the complexities of tunnel systems for automobile highways“.

For E4 FörbiFart Stockholm, sustainability is a focal point in both the development and operational aspects. Stig emphasises their commitment to environmental considerations: “The commitment involves meticulous monitoring of materials to meet environmental goals, ensuring adherence to standards. All materials must be approved, ensuring compliance with specific environmental standards. If approval is denied, a risk analysis identifies components, and a comprehensive product selection analysis addresses sustainability, including potential hazards.”

As Förbifart Stockholm progresses into the installation phase, Nordomatic focuses on optimal ventilation throughout the tunnel network. Daniel explains the intricacies of working with projects of this scalability: “Nordomatic is not particularly widely known for our commitments for projects centred around infrastructure, especially not for tunnel systems. However, through collaboration with experts and leveraging on our own expertise, we unite and take action to deliver a unique and effective solution that impacts Stockholms’s future.

Both Daniel Johansson and Stig Ehrström take pride in contributing to the remarkable Förbifart Stockholm project. Despite Stig’s retirement in two years, he remains enthusiastic about contributing to this initiative, recognizing its widespread importance for the future:

“The journey to the end goal is of utmost importance to me. The magnitude of this project has been a great opportunity for substantial success, and it feels quite cool to have been playing a vital part from the start.” Stig Ehrström, Project Manager