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ai What is iBMS®

What is iBMS®?

iBMS, or Intelligent Building Management System, is a complete method to provide properties with state-of-the-art solutions that ensure that multiple systems work in harmony, contributing to more sustainable and streamlined operations for the indoor environment.

The Building Management System (BMS) acts as the brain of a building, seamlessly connecting and coordinating various elements such as HVAC, lighting, security, and more into a centralized control system. BMS integration allows for real-time monitoring, control, and optimization of these systems to create a SMART and responsive indoor environment.

Nordomatic specializes in new constructions and refurbishments across various industries, offering user-friendly solutions for complex technical interfaces and environments. Our expertise extends from schools and hospitals to arenas, office buildings, and extensive research facilities.

iBMS Integration and iBMS Upgrade presents opportunities for connecting existing systems to iBOS software solutions, ensuring a cohesive and smart infrastructure and providing enhanced user-friendly energy optimization, security, and total control of the facilities under your portfolio.

iBMS Integration

With iBMS Integration, our team of experts is involved with everything from design to handover of newly constructed facilities. We navigate the system’s design, implementation, commissioning, and ongoing optimization, ensuring seamless operation across various technical components.

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System design

Specifying the optimal components to ensure functionality and secure connectivity of the intelligent BMS system to meet your KPIs and future environmental targets.



Monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing the BMS for efficient operation, promptly addressing issues, and adjusting to enhance overall performance.

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Seamless incorporation of the BMS into HVAC infrastructure, ensuring interoperability with other building systems for a holistic approach to building control.

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Verify that the BMS meets design specifications and prepare it for regular use when operational.

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iBMS Service

Maintenance and future-proofing facilities are a cornerstone for uninterrupted operations. At Nordomatic, we emphasize addressing customer needs and enhancing the efficiency of your property’s operations. Our iBMS Service contracts increase tenant satisfaction, lower energy consumption, and deliver an optimal indoor climate.

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Proactive and Flexible Partner

Our service team supervises scheduled proactive maintenance and optimization that minimizes disruptions and solves any unexpected issues that may arise with your facilities. Our service team supervises scheduled proactive maintenance and optimization that minimizes disruptions and solves any unexpected issues that may arise with your facilities.


Service Excellence Centre Consultations

By utilizing online support through the Nordomatic Service Excellence Center, you receive a complete solution catering to your facility's requirements and environmental goals.

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Top Priority Customer

As a service customer with Nordomatic, you have the highest priority and get fast help with any disruptions. You also have the opportunity to get a personal technician, who becomes an expert on your facilities.

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Continuous Updates

Through regular and proactive actions, we gain valuable insights into your BMS installations. We provide expert input on their status and upcoming needs for actions and upgrades, which will be significant for facility managers seeking to stay informed and make accurate budgetary decisions.

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smart house About iBMS Service Contracts

By entering into a service agreement with Nordomatic, you can anticipate:

  • Enhanced operational reliability
  • Decreased energy consumption
  • Lowered operating expenses
  • Improved indoor climate
  • Prolonged lifespan for facilities and components
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iBMS Upgrade

iBMS Upgrade is a complete enhancement of existing control units.

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iBMS Upgrade involves a retrofit approach, where the old control systems are replaced with advanced cutting-edge systems that prevent interruption and ensure continuous operation. The primary approach is to upgrade outdated systems to a new standard optimized for energy efficiency and IT security.

The upgraded systems are programmable, allowing for tailored functionalities, and they provide accessibility for everyone, locally and remotely. Remote upgrades are particularly efficient, especially in larger sites where the SCADA platform is on-site, ensuring seamless and convenient updates to meet evolving requirements.

Experience our iBMS® Cases

Nordomatic operates in various industries and projects. Here are a couple of examples of how iBMS and iBOS have been integrated to elevate indoor performance, while meeting enviromental goals.

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