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Connect Smart Systems to open cloud and remote platforms with iBOS®

The Intelligent Building Operating System

iBOS® is the user-friendly and secure access software for scaling Existing Building Management Systems to smart eco-systems.

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Introducing iBOS –

The Intelligent Building Operating System.

Within the iBOS family, we offer iBOS nexus – the secure edge gateway that enables the safe operation of smart applications within your building, and iBOS connect – the intuitive and secure solution designed to elevate your existing BMS into an intelligent and smart ecosystem.

With iBOS connect, you have an application marketplace at your fingertips, allowing you to easily add and manage applications such as iBOS energy.


iBOS nexus

Meet iBOS nexus – the secure edge gateway that enables the safe operation of smart applications within your building. It facilitates secure access to both old and new assets without exposing them to the internet.

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Robust and Versatile Industrial PC: Axiomtek ICO300

Our industrial PC is designed to withstand the demands of industrial environments, ensuring reliability and performance. It’s compact yet powerful, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

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Standard Power Supply

Accepts both 12-48VDC and 230VAC via an AC adapter, providing flexibility in power sources.

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Power Efficiency

Operates efficiently with a power rating of 12VDC at 1.21A or 24VDC at 0.66A, optimizing energy usage.

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Mounting Options

This can be mounted on a DIN rail using a standard 35mm clip or in a 19” rack with a 2U shelf, offering versatile installation options to fit different spaces.


Compact Dimensions

With dimensions of 155mm in height, 48mm in width, and 110mm in depth, this unit is designed to maximize space without sacrificing functionality.


Ethernet Ports

Features dual Ethernet ports with speeds of 10/100/1000 Mbps. Each port is isolated to separate LAN and WAN traffic, enhancing network security and performance.

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iBOS connect

Meet iBOS connect – the intuitive and secure solution designed to elevate your existing BMS into an intelligent and smart ecosystem.

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Secure Accessibility

iBOS connect is secure, scalable, and easy to use. The portal seamlessly integrates multiple units, systems, and interfaces across one or multiple buildings with the cloud. This guarantees secure and convenient access for the key members of the facility management team.

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Single pane of glass

iBOS connect lets you access all your buildings and their systems anywhere in the world, any time you need. It's easy to find, view, and organize your systems & applications, including buildings with multiple suppliers of BMS components.

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Access all your existing systems with one-click access protected by enterprise-grade security. iBOS connect communicates with your existing HMI and replaces annoying individual VPN connections with 24/7 cloud-based clarity.

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Application Platform

Unleash the power of world-class applications throughout your property portfolio, selecting from our pre-integrated solutions or adding new ones. Whether enabling remote maintenance, optimizing energy consumption, enhancing employee experiences, or anything else, our platform is designed to match you with an application for every need.

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Plug and play

Plug in our gateway, scan the QR code, and your iBOS Portal is ready. Choose to add IoT devices to gain additional data insights, from occupancy to air quality, all protected with strong encryption and authentication.

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New data insights

At the heart of our apps is a powerful and customizable digital twin that supports detailed understanding, configuration, and management of your buildings while opening new data insights.

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iBOS energy®

Meet iBOS energy® – the intelligent, innovative, intuitive and AI-driven application for optimizing HVAC-systems and minimizing energy consumption in your buildings.

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Environmental Impact

iBOS energy® makes your business take proactive steps toward environmental responsibility by reducing your carbon footprint and promoting sustainable energy practices.


Tenant Satisfaction

Enhance the comfort and satisfaction of your tenants with iBOS energy®. Our software ensures optimized heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, creating a positive environment that fosters satisfaction and retention.

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Cost savings

iBOS energy® uses AI to optimize the HVAC-systems in each individual building with its own thermal storage and specifics 24/7, reducing energy waste and ensuring lower utility bills. By maximizing efficiency, you will see significant savings that directly impact your bottom line and reduce CO2 emissions.


Real-time analysis

iBOS energy® offers a comprehensive 24/7 online dashboard to help analyze the efficiency in your building and review historical data. An advanced analysis tool for enhanced monitoring enables you to track savings made and identify further important trends.

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Alarms when needed

iBOS energy® includes energy alarms to alert users to issues and ensure that problems can be resolved quickly.


Fewer disruptions

iBOS energy® identifies imbalances, system imperfections, and flaws in connected heating, ventilation, and cooling systems. The full BMS overview ensures settings and actions consider the impact on all systems in the building, thereby removing disruptions caused by conflicting settings on individual systems.


Future proof

iBOS energy® integrates well with IoT sensors, providing additional information on, e.g., occupation, utilization, or other information affecting the indoor climate needs. The open architecture ensures that future innovations can be incorporated and used for further optimization and value creation.


It's all about the Balance

Your facility's thermal storage and adaptive modeling allow iBOS energy® to store and release energy intelligently over time. Using weather forecasts, IoT data, and your building's unique capacity for thermal mass, iBOS energy® predicts and plans what your building needs and exactly when it needs it.

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GemEx is a holistic, innovative and intuitive workplace experience solution. Helping workplace teams to improve the hybrid experience, engagement &operations with a flexible white-label app and management platform. 

More about SPICA Workplace

The award-winning GemEx Engine workplace experience platform and white-label employee app offers employees, management and onsite facilities teams tools to improve how they work, their well-being and productivity. GemEx connects IoT and 3rd party business systems data, then applies them to a digital twin of the building estate. This then powers dashboard perspectives for portfolio space analytics, digitally aided cleaning and legionella risk management as well as the employee app. Employees and management benefit from smart booking for any company resource, including desks and meeting rooms, visitor management, service requests and collaboration tools utilising IPS beacons for indoor navigation.

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With iBOS energy installations, we've cut emissions in 1000 properties, supporting facilities throughout the Nordics and EU to meet environmental targets.

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