BMS service

Property owners are increasingly modernising and digitalising their buildings, so as to provide attractive and competitive services to their customers. Nordomatic provides a comprehensive range of services when it comes to upgrading BMS, preventing errors and maintaining existing BMS installations in an efficient manner.

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BMS upgrades

BMS upgrade projects require a deep understanding of quite complicated legacy technical installations.

Nordomatic, as an independent system integrator, always tries to present an upgrade solution that is cost effective as well as future-proof. Typically, there is no need to rip out everything from the building as the upgrade and modernization can be undertaken in a stepwise, controlled manner.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation – we have done this thousands of times and we are familiar with most platforms on the market.

Preventive contracted service

Hassle-free BMS operations are more important than ever as technical installations in buildings become more and more complicated. Many customers appreciate preventive contracted service to ensure smooth operations.

Property owners simply can’t afford not to provide the best indoor climate service to their tenants.

Nordomatic is happy to present a service contract, including access to our Service Excellence Centre, in order to offer preventive service actions and fast response call-out service, if necessary. You are welcome to contact us for a presentation of a valuable service contract proposition!

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Call-out service

Call-out service is an important part of our contracted service, but we naturally try to provide this service to all our clients.

Combined in the Nordomatic Group we have uniquely broad expertise from at least 20 different HVAC/BMS brands. This expertise is channelled through our Service Excellence Centre, which supports our field service technicians in real time and on-site.

Our 20 office locations have a growing staff of field service technicians, now numbering more than 200 in all, who are all eager to help you fix and optimize your BMS system.

So don’t hesitate to call us!

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