Atea Oslo

Oslo, Norway

The Atea Smart Building in Oslo stimulates employees to work smarter and more efficiently, using technology and good solutions.

Access Control, lighting and other practical tasks are among the functions the employees control themselves. The building itself optimizes the operations, using advanced data analysis.

The building is one of the leading smart buildings in Europe.

The data platform was specifically developed for this building, with the data collected from all technical systems and sensors at the same time as it controls and operates the ventilation system, energy use, etc.

Nordomatic has delivered building automation for ventilation and local energy. All of the sensors and technical installations are fully integrated into the building management system, and there is complete room and blind control.

Floor area: 18,000m2
Smart workplaces: 1,000
Sensors: 6,000
Smartphone-controlled functions: access control, elevators, lighting etc.