Aerial view of new hospital in Herning

DNV Gødstrup

Herning, Denmark

Photo: AART Architects

Gødstrup Hospital (also called the New Hospital in the West, DNV-Gødstrup) is a future super-hospital located in the village of Gødstrup, northwest of Herning in Western Denmark.

Nordomatic has been chosen as the framework supplier of BMS for the new Hospital in the West, of which more than 130,000 sqm will be put into operation in 2021.

The framework agreement also includes safety systems in the form of access control and fire protection with ABA and alarms throughout the building. The safety systems are fully integrated into the BMS system, thus achieving optimal use of the system’s integration possibilities.

In addition to controlling heating, ventilation and cooling systems, more than 2,000 room zones are environment controlled, which includes KNX operation for light and sun protection, as well as balanced ventilation and heating.

Outside area of hospital with trees and people