Exterior of Hurum Helsehus with green grass and trees

Hurum Helsehus

Hurum, Norway

Hurum Helsehus will be the first certified energy-surplus hospital nursing home in Norway – and probably in the world

The building is designed so that during its lifetime it will produce more energy than went into the materials production, construction, operation and finally demolition of the house. This is achieved by constructing a highly energy-efficient building and installing a forward-looking energy supply, with certification according to the “Futurebuilt Plusshus” standard.

The entire building has a compact, area-efficient building body that is well insulated, with low heat loss. In addition, a highly efficient heating system has been installed that utilizes all the potential available from an innovative energy supply consisting of a well park, waste heat from commercial kitchens, solar panels, and a PVT plant.

The solar cells and PVT plant are the first of their kind in Norway to supply such a large amount of electrical and thermal energy while ensuring that the ‘plus house’ requirements are met.

Nordomatic has delivered fully integrated building automation for ventilation and local energy control. All technical installations are fully integrated into the building management system, including complete room control.