Exterior of the large Økern Portal complex

Økern Portal

Oslo, Norway

In 2021, Oslo’s most future-oriented building was completed at Økern. It has been built to create a sustainable community between industry and the local environment in a versatile commercial building.

The building offers:

  • Flexible and attractive office space
  • Innovative restaurants
  • Europe’s largest roof garden of edible produce, and
  • Smart technology.

81,000 m2 in all, of which 49,000 m2 comprises office space for companies who wish to give their employees the best conditions for co-operation, wellbeing and creativity.

Oslo has never before had an office building which presents such good opportunities to be tailored and facilitated on the basis of the employees’ tasks and working needs.

A 7,000 m2 market area is filled with a range of restaurants and cafes serving gourmet food, street food and hand-brewed coffee. Variety and diversity are the key words.

Nordomatic has delivered a fully integrated solution including building automation for ventilation, heating and cooling, VAV, room control and smart building to optimize energy use and the indoor climate.

Photo: Økern Portal

Photo: Økern Portal

Photo: Økern Portal

Nordomatic employees with computer in fron tof Økern Portal