Nordomatic Sustainability Report 2022

A word from our CEO

During 2022, Nordomatic has continued to expand; order intake and order backlog are at record levels at the end of the year. We have also acquired six flourishing companies. Some of the acquisitions have been transformational as we have established platforms outside of Scandinavia. This has been our first crucial step towards our vision to become a Global Impact Pioneer of Smart Buildings. Another transformational move has been acquiring the IoT (Internet of Things) platform company Altacogni AB in Sweden and the Workplace SaaS (Software as a Service) company Spica Technologies Ltd in Birmingham, UK. With Nordomatic Smart Cloud services, we now reach customers in 26 different countries in 4 continents!

Today, Nordomatic is well established as the leading Smart Building System Integrator in Europe, with a market-leading position in every region we operate. Based on our 56 years of operational experience, a thorough ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) agenda, and a broad and competitive product portfolio, we continue our journey as a trusting partner to the largest and most demanding property owners and occupants.

In 2022, we achieved significant improvements in the Integration project business, and we have expanded our healthy Service business. We have also transformed the PropTech market with our advanced SaaS platforms. Nordomatic is today one of the largest players in the market, with more than 1,100,000 connected smart assets and pure SaaS ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) of more than SEK 50 million per year. Together, this forms a strong and resilient base coupled with thrilling fast-growing, next-generation digital services.

Nordomatic is a growth machine, and our ambitious business plan puts a lot of focus on our ability to attract, retain and develop our staff. People & Culture is a prioritized areas for us. This area involves specialists, managers, and every individual contributor in the company. Several initiatives, such as “One Company – One Culture”, have been launched in 2022, and we aim to provide every employee with the opportunity to experience an individual growth journey along with the growth of Nordomatic.

Our managers hold a lot of responsibility for their team’s personal growth, but everyone else is also expected to perform personal leadership in building their own careers. Nordomatic Academy was re-launched in the year 2022, and this project has reached more than 240 candidates on 17 different occasions. The Nordomatic Academy curriculum covers everything from onboarding classes to management principles, sales excellence, BMS basics, etc.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is now playing a more prominent role in how companies around the globe operate, and this also affects how investors choose to invest. With great pride, I see a magnificent contribution from Nordomatic in this area. Together with our majority shareholder, Trill Impact, we have integrated ESG into the Nordomatic business plan and set clear and ambitious Impact KPI targets for 2025 and 2030. We can already see that Nordomatic ́s activities have turned into real results.

Energy efficiency optimization using modern technology is a great way for property owners to save costs and reduce their carbon footprint. In 2022, Nordomatic ́s core business streams directly contributed to 130,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions being avoided by our customers! The more business Nordomatic does, the better for our planet!

I hope that you find the reading of this report interesting and inspiring. I know that our investors like it, that our customers value it, and I sincerely hope that it brings meaning and purpose to all our employees that perform important, value-creating work every day, for us, our customers, and the planet!

OLOV SCHAGERLUND, President & CEO, Nordomatic

About the sustainability report

This Sustainability Report has been prepared in accordance with Swedish legislation on sustainability reporting, as stated in the Swedish Annual Accounts Act (6 kap 10 –14 §§ ÅRL). The Sustainability Report aims to present Nordomatic’s sustainability performance, risk management and value creation, and demonstrates the link between our strategy and the company’s commitment to a sustainable global economy.