Joining Nordomatic: a way to kick-start your career within tech

You could choose many different paths in your future career within tech. Here at Nordomatic, you choose a career path in making buildings SMART and more environmentally sustainable for the future.

Nordomatic trusts growth and long-term relationships. We believe growth is crucial when taking action on our industry’s various opportunities and challenges. Therefore, it is essential that we at Nordomatic continually provide everyone in our team with the right resources, experience, and expertise to excel in their future career.

Every semester, Nordomatic gladly recruit new talents to kick-start their career as an apprentice from multiple universities throughout the Nordics. After completing the apprenticeship, many continue in a new full-time role within integration, programming or projecting here at Nordomatic.

For this article, Mia Harstad, Kristian Enstad Digerudof, Jonatan Lyrot and Pan Lian share what it’s like being an apprentice at Nordomatic and working with some of our larger-scale building projects. You will also get insights from the perspective of being recruited after the apprenticeship is completed, where Valentin Tudor Bodea, share what part of his apprenticeship at Nordomatic helped him excel in his current role as a Junior Project Manager.

From the perspective of being new

Joining as an apprentice at Nordomatic, you will build a unique skill set that will open the door to a career in Building Management Systems.

Mia Harstad and Kristian Enstad Digerud are Nordomatic’s latest apprentices in Norway. At Nordomatic, they combine the theoretical courses of their education at Strømmen Videregående Skole with practical experience of tasks that are directly linked to Nordomatics’ larger projects in Norway.

What specific tasks have you been involved with during your apprenticeship?

I’m working on more targeted integration and programming with our Beckhoff solution. I have created functional specifications for security equipment monitors and worked on-site with building appliance cabinets. My tasks vary depending on where we are in the project’s timeline. I have a balanced schedule where I split 50/50 between being in the office and working on-site – Mia Harstad.

I started at Nordomatic to work more specifically with reconstructions and programming. I have worked with heating plants and programmed superordinate systems. Reconstructions are really fun. I like to be involved in projects where we innovate to make the overall building more high-functioning – Kristian Enstad Digerud.

Have you always wanted to pursue a career within BMS?

Not at all! I dreamed of becoming a doctor at first. But I found out that studying medicine was not what I wanted. Instead, I studied electricity because I liked to see how things came together clearly. I also enjoyed that this industry is continuing to evolve and that new technologies are arriving daily. There is a continuous need for our solutions. – Mia Harstad.

I have always wanted to work with technologies that could automate a building. Building automation became very fitting for what I wanted to do. Haha! I enjoy that the industry is continuously modernizing and that Nordomatic is continually growing. – Kristian Enstad Digerud.

A career in Nordomatic can start in many places and take you to many places. No matter in what direction our new joiners will pursue, we continually invest in their personal development for them to fully succeed in their future career.

Pan Lian and Jonatan Lyrot are Nordomatic’s latest apprentices in Sweden. Both of them are doing their apprenticeship during their studies within the automation engineering program at Iris Hadar. Both Pan and Jonathan have a deep interest in tech. Jonatan has previous experience working with mounting, and Pan dove straight into programming right after he graduated from high school. Their tasks during their apprenticeship have been to program and help with administrative functions regarding projecting Nordomatic’s larger projects in Sweden.

What projects have you been involved with during your apprenticeship?

I have been helping out with many different projects around Stockholm on-site. I have done some programming for a project in Nykvarn and helped install control panels for our project Garnisonen. I like projects where I’m involved from the beginning because I get to see how we create solutions from scratch as a team. – Pan Lian.

What tasks during your apprenticeship have been most valuable for you and your development?

When I started at Nordomatic, they asked me what area I wanted to explore at the company. I have always liked the administrative part of projecting. Over here, I have checked physical blueprints for components to be added and debugged and drawn flowcharts for projects. I also got to work on-site with our project Stigbygeln – Jonatan Lyrot.

A career in Nordomatic can start in many places and take you to many places. No matter what direction our new joiners want to pursue, Nordomatic continually invests in their personal development to have the resources to succeed in their future career fully.

It’s very rewarding to be personally able to contribute to something sustainable. I also enjoy the feeling that I can figure out complex solutions independently. It’s nice to be confident in an advanced area – Jonatan Lyrot.

Have you faced any complex challenges during your apprenticeship?

Different technical solutions require other technical languages. And there are several different PLCs and programming languages. During our education, we learned about Siemens. But here at Nordomatic, there are even more solutions, such as Beckhof, Saia and Fidelix. Each of them requires a different language. There is a lot to learn in that aspect, and I’m glad I have gotten the resources from my apprenticeship to learn these as well – Jonatan Lyrot.

There is always someone you could ask at Nordomatic. I have learned a lot about how to program in our various software and according to the operating charts. – Pan Lian.

After the apprenticeship is completed

Many Nordomatics apprenticeships get offered a new full-time position at the company after the apprenticeship period, and the studies are completed.

This was the case for Valentin Tudor Bodea. Valentin is currently working as a Junior Project Manager for Nordomatic in Denmark. During the autumn of 2022, Valentin had a 3-month apprenticeship at Nordomatic through his school Aarhus School of Marine Engineering in Denmark.

At Nordomatic, Valentin learned the ins and outs of planning and executing large building automation projects. He was involved with projecting, drawing PI diagrams and instrumentation diagrams, and overviewing what components needed to be added to complete a project. During his apprenticeship, he got to work with many of our larger projects in Denmark, such as Aarhus University, Shelhuset in Copenhagen, and Skejby Hospital Pharmacy.

Valentin also got to work with one of our technicians for a week to see how the technicians work on-site.

Did you face any complex challenges during your apprenticeship?

– One challenge was to see the whole picture of a project and understand how the systems work. I’m glad that I got the chance to see not only the projecting side but also the technician side. It helped me to see where the ventilation systems go and what Nordomatic is doing on-site. After seeing how our multiple areas at Nordomatic work, I now have a more in-depth understanding of when to plan each step for the projects, I work with in my current role. – Valentin Tudor Bodea.

Today, Valentin is a full-time Junior Project Manager here at Nordomatic. He is currently working on a project for DSV, which is building Europe’s largest logistics centre in Horsens, Denmark. His tasks include correcting and adding components and ensuring sharp PI diagrams.

What part of your apprenticeship would you say has helped you to excel in your current role?

– It was enriching to see that I could contribute to something meaningful. I’m pretty perfectionistic, and I like to improve on areas if there are possible to do so. Here, I got the chance to create tools for my team to be more productive when working together. Creativity and innovation are essential qualities in the role of a project manager at Nordomatic. New ideas are also encouraged here at Nordomatic. I’m glad I can contribute with my insights into our work areas as a team. – Valentin Tudor Bodea.

Through Nordomatic Academy, Nordomatic offers the training needed for our employees to stay on top of the challenges and opportunities people commonly face in BMS and automation.

Click here to read more about Nordomatic Academy on our careers-page

To sum up: what would you recommend to anyone considering pursuing a career at Nordomatic and the field of BMS?

– I would recommend people not to be frightened about all the technical things they may think you need to know. Be open and willing to gather as much information as possible. Don’t be afraid to take up space and ask questions. There is always someone that could help you. We encourage people to take the initiative – Valentin Tudor Bodea.

– If you have a heart for innovations and new technologies, Nordomatic is a great place to be. New technologies are coming daily, and Nordomatic is very good at applying new solutions to various projects. You get to develop a deep insight into various solutions as an apprentice. – Kristian Enstad Digerud.

– At Nordomatic, you constantly adapt to new technologies and wherever you are in the project timeline. The tasks vary depending on what project you are working on during the day. I think an apprenticeship at Nordomatic is very fitting for someone who likes to work hands-on in an accelerating environment. – Mia Harstad.

– Be confident in your willpower and show great interest in learning new things. There is much competence here at Nordomatic, and taking the initiative is encouraged. – Pan Lian.

Tove Ljung
Communication Coordinator at Nordomatic