Let us be clear! – Ola Reppling on Driving Growth through Strategic Collaborations

From a perspective focused on facilitating company growth, one could argue that collaboration is akin to the oil that ensures the smooth operation of the machinery.

At Nordomatic, we are shaping a better future through collaboration. Together with our customers, we use our combined expertise to adapt and find solutions that meet the requirements for an open and sustainable future. But the question is, how does this mentality apply to our strategic collaborations?

We talked with our Chief Operating Officer, Ola Reppling, about the factors that impact the outcome of collaboration and Nordomatic’s ability to enable trust by fostering a tight and transparent dialogue in a strategic partnership.

As a company, you decide to collaborate with someone because you are searching for a solution you cannot complete by yourself. Clarity and leadership are crucial qualities to excel in a strategic partnership.

I believe it is imperative for a collaborator to be able to present solutions and demonstrate best practices towards the goals we aim to achieve. The most vital partners are the ones who use more exclamation marks and fewer question marks. The decisions should lead us in the direction we aspire to as a team. It’s essential always to consider the bigger picture.

By embodying the mentality of “Rigidity at the core and flexibility at the edge,” Ola Reppling possesses precise insights into the importance of maintaining a solid foundation while adapting to evolving circumstances. With 20 years of experience in diverse leadership roles at Microsoft, Atlas Copco, Clear Channel Outdoor, and PwC, Ola Reppling has extensive competence in fostering growth and trust in strategic collaborations.

“It all comes down to how a partner responds. Not long ago, we were seeking a partner for an ERP Project. We had a specific one in mind, and we gave them a three-day window to conduct an initial assessment of Nordomatic’s position, our current challenges, and where we aspired to be. Within those three days, they swiftly understood our industry and company comprehensively. They impressed us by showcasing their experience handling similar issues and presenting a clear path forward. The capacity to deliver what is truly needed, rather than simply what is wanted, is vital.

Technical competence is truly valuable, but the crucial factor in collaboration is ensuring that the solution meets the organisation’s needs. As a partner, it’s essential to be flexible and not blindly accept demands one cannot meet. Without understanding the customer’s business, the collaboration will not succeed. It’s much more effective to align a solution with the customer’s objectives.

Planning is essential. At some point in a collaboration, you must have a clear map of your long-term goals. However, it’s equally important to remain flexible and adapt to where reality will guide you towards. The more detailed the plan, the greater the risk of losing sight of the bigger picture. To foster a successful collaboration, prioritise clarity on the long-term objectives.

Nordomatic drives a market shift towards open technologies, climate, and social sustainability. As a pioneering integrator in the field of Building Management Systems (BMS), we work closely with our clients to innovate better solutions that result in more energy-efficient, profitable, and healthy buildings.

Trust is crucial for alignment. The perception of our collaboration should be very open, fostering a sense of togetherness. It shouldn’t be an “us” versus “them” mentality. Consultants should be integrated into the team during meetings, ideally in the same room. By working towards a shared goal, we can cultivate adaptability together.

A strategic collaboration is not about seeking revenue growth for the current year or closing specific deals. It is about what we can achieve together! It is crucial to have long-term goals and not be overly focused on the exact details of the present moment. Instead, we should clearly define where we want to be in the long run.

By fostering a tight and transparent dialogue in collaboration, the growth machinery runs smoothly. At Nordomatic, we stand by the fact that true success lies within a collective effort. By adding smartness to buildings and embracing challenges head-on, we navigate the complexities of today’s world, foster trust, and accelerate to a more open and sustainable future. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn how we could help you find a perfect-fit solution for your energy needs!

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Written by: Tove Ljung, Communication Coordinator.