Nordomatic is investing millions in Nordomatic Academy

Nordomatic is investing in strategy and personal leadership courses to strengthen themselves in a competitive and complex market. The goal is to understand customer needs and to retain and attract employees. The leadership and strategy advisors at Shining Eyes have created the concept ‘One company, one culture to help Nordomatic reach that goal.

Nordomatic is growing and after making 7 acquisitions during the past years, it’s time to acknowledge the Nordomatic DNA, culture, values, and the motivation within the Group. Nordomatic’s vision is to be a trusted partner and to act on opportunities. The need is now to get a better sense of the value proposition to stakeholders, to meet market expectations, and to stand out in a competitive and complex world.  

“We believe that everything we do, we can always do better, so with this investment we will keep learning to continue our growth to global impact pioneers”, says Olov Schagerlund, CEO of Nordomatic Group.  

The leadership and strategy advisors Shining Eyes are guiding the process with three modules: leadership, customer, and employee value proposition. The leadership module is offered to managers within the company, and the core is to give an understanding of what is up in the world, what that means for you as a leader, and what will motivate your employees. The two value proposition modules for employees and customers are directed to the target groups to better understand how Nordomatic can create value for them.  

“We recognize that success is driven by the customers and employees, therefore we see great potential in listening to what we can do for them, and what makes their eyes shine”, says Toke Juul, Vice CEO & Country Director Nordomatic Sweden.  

This is a work in progress and the collaboration will continue for a couple of years.  

For more information, please contact: 

Olov Schagerlund 
CEO Nordomatic Group

Tove Ljung 
Communications Coordinator