Who we are

Nordomatic exists to accelerate an open and sustainable future. We have more than 50 years of experience of integrating open BMS technology solutions into buildings. Right from its inception, Nordomatic has been a pioneering and innovative company.

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Our culture

Nordomatic exists to accelerate an open and
sustainable future​.

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Our history

Nordomatic was founded in 1967 and is now growing faster than ever.

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Our strategy

Nordomatic aims to become an impact leader in Smart Buildings.

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Quick facts

71,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions were avoided thanks to Nordomatic’s services in 2020
40 of the 50 largest property owners in Scandinavia are served by Nordomatic
1,000 buildings use Ecopilot® – the advanced, AI-powered energy optimization service
1,000,000 connected assets provide data to Nordomatic’s Managed Smart Building service
More than 500 skilled employees in 20 offices in Sweden, Denmark and Norway
More than 20% compounded annual growth over the past 10 years
More than SEK 1 billion in turnover 
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Meet the people

What is it like to work at Nordomatic? Three employees tell their personal stories.

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