About Nordomatic

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Nordomatic exists to accelerate an open and sustainable future.

What We Do Sustainability Focus

About Nordomatic

Nordomatic is committed to shaping a smarter and more sustainable future for everyone. We are The Brain of The Building, and by combining our vast experience in system integration with visionary and smart software solutions, we are the global impact pioneer spearheading the necessary change, digitalizing the BMS industry.

Our solutions are intelligent and proven to let customers and end-users increase and optimize well-being and performance – they deliver profitability plus valid data insight while decreasing energy consumption and running costs.

In our workspace, we see the power in diversity, and today, we are the leading system integrator of smart buildings, with around 1000 skilled colleagues and 31 offices across Europe – and we can proudly say that it has always been at the centre of our DNA to share our knowledge, insights and best practices.

While we are a decentralized and global company, we have a one-company, one-culture approach. Together, we’re guided by our three core values:

  • We build on TRUST
  • We take ACTION
  • We deliver VALUE

We drive the change by being open to new ideas, opinions and opportunities if they aim to serve our customers, people and planet better than yesterday. We exist to accelerate an open and sustainable future. We reach our goals together by enabling a strong culture, developing people and skills and building valuable relationships – and in all that we do, we believe that the more we change today, the more we impact tomorrow.

Our Sustainability Focus