A future-proof cloud service

We can offer a truly easy-to-use and future-proof cloud service in which your various properties are connected to a common SCADA system. We can connect a variety of makes and you will get access to alarm management, trends and other operational data via a PC, tablet or smartphone.

SCADA system is what we call a third-generation SCADA system. It has been developed from scratch with and for web technology and global standards in terms of IT communication, such as HTML5, .NET, SQL and OPC.
We only use port 80 in the firewall (the standard SurfPort). Consequently, there is no need to breach any of your security measures in order to manage your installation online.


Styrportalen is web-based and can be accessed plugin-free via your standard browser on all platforms (HTML5). The portal is user-friendly and easy to manage while offering a good overview of how your property is performing.

Learn more about Styrportalen® and watch a demo installation